CFRE CreditThe Challenge and Invitation Matrix creates a framework for understanding key relationships in your life. By understanding and plotting out current relationships (with a focus on donors), you will be able to redefine those relationships and move them to an empowered state, where communication, engagement and financial support of your organization flow in a way that produces benefits to the organization and the donor. Nonprofit expert and educator Susan Walterhouse shows you how to connect with your supporters in a whole new way!

You'll learn

  • how the Challenge and Invitation Matrix maps out 4 types of environments in which to build healthy relationships (Cozy, bored, stressed, empowering).
  • how to correctly identify yourself and important relationships (donors, co-workers) in your life and work within the grid, and
  • how to create practical steps to help move relationships into the Empowered Quadrant in order to boost donor engagement and bring in more gifts.

By the end, you’ll have plan for empowering all of your supporters and juicing up your fundraising ability!

Additional materials for Creating an Atmosphere for 'Yes'

Download the slides: Creating an Atmosphere for Yes (PDF)

Download the audio: Creating an Atmosphere for Yes (MP3)

Challenge-Invitation Matrix: Challenge Invitation Matrix (PDF)