Reprogram How You Handle Rejection to Reach Your Goals

Ensuring your charitable organization thrives requires asking for resources of time, money, and more. CFRE CreditBut sometimes, due to the potential and real rejections, nothing is more deflating and discouraging. Some people get frustrated by hearing “no” over and over. Others allow the fear and dread of getting a “no” to sabotage them. Most people fear rejection to some degree. Logically we all understand that’s it is a part of raising money and resources but, would you like to know how to truly use it your advantage? You should not find yourself on an emotional roller coaster day in and day out. And neither should the people who work with you.  

Learn a powerful mindset and some counter-intuitive strategies for changing how you think and feel about rejection. In this Webinar, Andrea teaches you:

  • How to change the way you interpret a NO to improve your courage and confidence
  • How to respond to a NO that allows for future opportunities
  • How to think about “failure” and rejections in a way that will empower you to a whole new level

Additional Materials for Go For No For Fundraising Success

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