You can have the best website in the nonprofit world, but that won’t do us any good if we don’t have people to communicate with. While social media has a growing influence, print media and email are still the primary source of donations for most nonprofit organizations.

It is possible to grow a larger – and more engaged – audience to help you advance your cause. In the webinar, Kirsten Bullock will teach you about different ways to build your list. Yes this will include social media, but it will also include ideas for in-person gatherings as well as exploring possible community partnerships (in the for-profit world these have been referred to as joint ventures.

Specific takeaways include:

  • One often overlooked strategy to increase your list – just by making one minor change to something you’re probably already doing
  • Ideas for getting your organization in the paper more often
  • The importance of partnerships for list building (and program impact)

Additional Resources for Growing Your Donor List

Get the audio for the seminar here: Growing Your Donor List MP3

Download the slides here: Growing Your Donor List slides (PDF)