CFRE approved for 1.25 creditsWhat if you could negotiate a good salary for your next fundraising job? What if you could know, right from the beginning, what would make your boss give you a raise? When we take a job, we hope for a raise, but we don't know how to get there. This session will provide you with the tools, perspective and power to ask for what you are worth and demonstrate your value to your supervisor and organization. Presenters share their own experiences and tips on how to ask for what you want, be transparent about what you need and build effective relationships with your supervisor.

You will take away from the session the following:

  • How to quantify and qualify your value to the employer
  • Strategies for tracking and describing your accomplishments year-round to increase chances of promotion
  • Tips for preparing for your performance review such as how to address topics of salary/raises, title changes and the negotiation of responsibilities that will lead to your professional success
  • Presenters’ own examples on negotiating salaries and other aspects of previous positions
  • Proven tactics for negotiating your professional and compensation goals (i.e. salary, promotion, benefits) comfortably prior to accepting a new job and/or after being in a position
  • How to move beyond working for less because you believe in the mission

Additional Materials for You Deserve a Raise Today

Download the slides: You Deserve a Raise Today! (PDF)

Download the audio: You Deserve a Raise Today! (MP3)

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