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The New Normal: Fundraising in the wake of a Covid-19 coronavirus market

Reports are all over the place about what is actually happening with our global economy. And the rollercoaster CFRE Creditstock market has donors and nonprofit leaders in unparalleled stress. Despite a regular experience of recessions - 1987, the dot-com bust, 9/11, and the housing market collapse in 2008 - this climate is different. So everyone is wondering what's next?

In this training, internationally recognized fundraising leader Cherian Koshy gives us signposts to look for as we navigate this crisis. He'll share insights from various markets. And he'll show you what to consider in your planning. This isn't theory. He's the Development Director of the Des Moines Center for the Performing Arts so he's navigating it with us.

You'll leave with:

  • insight into what is actually happening in today's market
  • clues on what to watch for as the crisis continues
  • how the stock market, the bond market, the housing market, and the Fed's cutting interest rates will each impact fundraising
  • a solid focus on what to do to plan for an uncertain future
  • and a clear set of tasks you can do today.

You'll leave with a better grasp of how major donors, foundations, and planned giving donors are seeing this crisis. And with a new hope about how to move forward.

Additional materials for The New Normal

Download the slides: The New Normal - Cherian Koshy (PDF)

Download the audio: The New Normal - Cherian Koshy (MP3)

The books Cherian referenced are: