Nonprofits use CRM systems to manage donor relationships, process online donations, run campaigns, keep an eye onCFRE approved for 1.25 credits insightful business analytics, and ultimately power organizational growth. You can save time and money by learning how to select the right nonprofit CRM provider the first time.

Attend this webinar to receive a template that will help you with your CRM selection process and:

  • Find out what criteria should influence your nonprofit CRM decision
  • Review examples of helpful questions to ask during the selection process
  • Discover how all departments in your organization can benefit from a fully-integrated CRM that provides you with a complete picture of your donor

Additional Resources for How to Choose a CRM:

Download the audio: How to Choose the Right CRM for Your Nonprofit Organization MP3)

Download the slides: How to Choose the Right CRM (PDF)

The CRM tool they mentioned: