The nonprofit sector is constantly evolving. As a result of the rapid pace of change accelerated through the pandemic, there are vast amounts of data that need to be quickly distilled and as well as myriad new internal and external problems your organization is facing. Now, more than ever, formal and informal leaders are needed who can adapt to change and drive innovation.

Although you do not control the external factors impacting your organizations, you can prepare to better respond to, and navigate through, change. Unlocking Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations through The Nonprofit Academy looks at the behavioral science and organizational psychology that inhibits or enhances change. Drawing on neuroscience and historical study, you'll understand why we are hardwired to be resistant to change and oppose innovation. You'll then be able to rewire your organization's DNA to unlock its inherent innovation potential to serve your beneficiaries well.

After this session, existing and emerging leaders will be able to:

  • improve how they engage with and motivate others, make better decisions, and improve organizational innovation skills
  • discover the impact of the brain on their ability to innovate and how they can rewire their brain to become more innovative
  • foster a culture of learning and innovation within their organization, and discover how to put a structure and process in place to lay the groundwork for continuous skill development in a changing world to future-proof success.
  • understand how to utilize various frameworks to immediately identify opportunities for innovation in their organizations

The session is ideal for existing or emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Additional Resources for Unlocking Innovation:

Download the audio: Unlocking Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations (MP3)

Download the slides: Unlocking Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations (PDF)