Covid-19 showed that no matter how well we plan, there are ‘unknown unknowns’ that can knock us off our expected path. That happens in work and happens in our personal lives.

Stuff happens.

When we start our plans with the highest possible outcome, though, pivoting becomes easier. When you know where you’re heading, you know who will be affected by any decisions you make, and you know the questions to ask when you encounter the roadblocks, you have a solid foundation for responding to whatever comes.

In this session, participants will learn the concept of Catalytic Thinking and how it is the basis for a planning process that begins with identifying the ultimate goals and the conditions necessary for those goals to become reality.

Participants will leave the session with:

  • A basic understanding of Catalytic Planning and its underpinning in causality.
  • Questions that help identify the needs of affected individuals
  • Questions that help identify external and internal conditions for success
  • Visual and Outline-form templates for working through Catalytic Planning
  • A personal scenario for practicing Catalytic Planning

Additional Resources for Planning Strategically in the Middle of Anything

Download the slides: Planning Strategically in the Middle of Anything-SusanDetwiler (PDF)

Download the audio:  Planning Strategically in the Middle of Anything (MP3)