Successful grant applications are more than filling out forms, dotting i's and crossing t's. Successful grant CFRE Creditapplications engage a reviewer in a consistent story from any required forms through the narrative and all the way to the end of attachments. This session will teach you how to use storytelling in grants beyond the basic storytelling of utilizing quotes from a client. We will walk you step-by-step through multiple examples with different storytelling approaches for you to utilize in your own grant applications.

Learning Objectives:
  • What storytelling elements are available to you for use in grant applications;
  • How to set the stage for the storytelling elements in your grant application through your outreach to grantmakers;
  • How to determine what type of story to use in a specific grant application; and
  • How to determine where to use your storytelling elements in a specific grant application.

Additional Resources for Using the Power of Storytelling in Your Grant Applications:

Download the slides: Storytelling in Your Grant Application - DianeHLeonard (PDF)

Download the audio: Using the Power of Storytelling in Your Grant Applications (MP3)