Understanding the Psychology of Your Donors

We admit it – people are complicated! But how can we understand what they bring to the table and whatCFRE Credit they consider when thinking about making a gift? Bill Bartolini, Ph.D., ACFRE, will untangle the web of donor motivations, emotions, attitudes – and how people make decisions – to provide a clear list of questions you need to consider as you engage donors in making gifts. We’ll look at variables affecting the organization, the donor, and You.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use what you know about your donors to persuade them to give
  • Learn what factors come in to play when donors make decisions about giving
  • Develop a strategy for moving forward with your organization

Additional Materials for The Psychology of Giving

Download the audio: The Psychology of Giving (MP3)

Download the slides: The Psychology of Giving (PDF)