Whether your fiscal year starts on January 1st or not, you should always have an eye on your grant calendar andCFRE Credit laying it out as a living and breathing document for your grant team (and entire fundraising team) to use as a planning and discussion tool. It is critical to have your full team engaged in approving the proposed grant calendar as you head into a new budget or calendar year. This helps your leadership and the rest of the fundraising team see how the grant strategy will fit within the larger fundraising strategy and plan for the organization.

However, since grants are anything but dull, during the course of every year, you will need to revisit the calendar year with your team based on shifts in your grantmaker's schedule or priorities and based on changes in your organization's plans. Having a grant calendar in place will also provide the framework for your team to make strong decisions about potential new opportunities when they weren't expected and have deadlines looming soon ensuring that your entire fundraising team avoids having grants be a source of stress within the team.

You'll learn:

  • What is a grant calendar and how is it helpful for executing a grant strategy
  • How to have your grant calendar align with your grant revenue goals
  • How to engage your team in setting up (and following) the annual grant calendar
  • How to use the grant calendar as a part of the decision-making process for unexpected grant opportunities

Additional Resources for Setting Up Your Grant Calendar to Succeed as Part of Your Fundraising Plan:

Download the slides: Setting Up Your Grant Calendar - Diane Leonard (PDF)

Download the audio: Setting Up Your Grant Calendar to Succeed as Part of Your Fundraising Plan (MP3)

Bonus Material from Diane: