It can’t be denied that the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting shutdowns changed how, why, and how much peopleCFRE Credit go online. This increase in digital programming and social media use has changed the way nonprofits raise money, build communities, and advocate for their causes. But, the big question remains – with all this posting, Instagramming, TikToking – does this really translate into ACTION?

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How to take people from passive fans to passionate supporters
  • How to create nonprofit social media content that actually converts people to donors
  • How to craft a great story in just a few sentences or characters

Additional Resources for Social Media Storytelling:

Download the Slides: Digital Storytelling with Julia Campbell (PDF)

Download the Audio: How to Drive Donations with Social Media Storytelling (MP3)

Content Calendar Worksheet: Nonprofit Content Calendar Template (.xlsx)