"I enjoyed this webinar - as I always do enjoy those from the Nonprofit Academy - so much that I called in from vacation."

Julie M. Bostick, Director of Annual Giving
St. Petersburg Free Clinic
St. Petersburg, FL

Recognition and brand awareness are important. Everybody knows that. But why are they? Katrina VanHuss explains the social science behind both, and how they can help with your fundraising strategy. Understanding the mental mechanics behind recognition and brand will help you in unprecedented ways as you structure your fundraising events and how they touch your fundraisers and donors.

We’re entering a new territory for peer-to-peer fundraising so it's better to understand the "why." Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to make decisions for your program to increase revenue. And, isn’t it everyone’s goal to increase revenue? That’s why this is a must attend session.

CFRE approved for 1.25 creditsData analysis tells us how participants act. Psychology tells us why. Having both at your disposal makes you a powerful fundraising professional. Topics covered include

  • intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation,
  • the human bias for consistency,
  • how behaviors beget belief,
  • internal labeling, and
  • risk aversion leading to bad decisions.

Additional Materials for the Social Science Behind Donor Recognition with Katrina VanHuss
Download the audio: Psychology Behind Donor Recognition and Driving Fundraising (MP3)

Download the slides: Social Science Behind Donor Recognition (PDF)

Katrina's blog post on eliminating the registration fee is at: http://www.nonprofitpro.com/registration-fee-bonfire-katrina-vanhuss/