CFRE CreditYou only make a first impression only once. And, in our fast-paced technology focused world, we have less than ten seconds to make a lasting first impression. That means the way you introduce your organization must cut through the daily clutter of noise barraging your donors & volunteers.

Word choices are THE most critical communication tool to master for success. When you share a powerful, well-crafted story you capture hearts and minds and inspire financial support.

In this high-energy session you will learn three powerful and fun storytelling tools. Tools to help you stand out in our fast-moving world.

Plan to:

  • Learn the importance of clear, bold, communication.
  • Learn the true definition of a mission moment and identify & share at least one.
  • Receive a template used by thousands to craft a powerful two-minute story.
  • Learn to distill an impact story down to six words.


Additional Resources for Storytelling for Raising More Money:

Download the slides: Storytelling for Raising More Money-Lori Jacobwith (PDF)

Download the audio: Storytelling for Raising More Money (MP3)

To get the Boring2Brilliant ebook Lori called about go to