The Strategic Advantage:

More than a Plan, It's a Mindset

Nonprofit organizations often spend much of their time reacting to circumstances instead of anticipating change, but there is a better way. Strategic thinking and effective planning are CFRE Creditproactive ways to chart your organization's course.   During challenging times, organizations that focus on strategy are able to navigate the current circumstances without compromising their long-term goals.   This session will help leaders adopt a strategic perspective  and identify approaches that breathe vitality and relevance into operational and strategic plans.

How You Will Benefit
You will be equipped to think strategically and to plan effectively for every aspect of your organization’s work and long-term success.

What You Will Learn

  1. Recognize emerging trends and the impact on the nonprofit sector
  2. Understand the relationship between Vision, Mission, and Values
  3. Establish strategies to identify and engage stakeholders
  4. Develop meaningful goals and measurable objectives
  5. Incorporate strategic plans into operational systems
Additional Materials for The Strategic Advantage

Download the audio: The Strategic Advantage (MP3)

Download the slides: The Strategic Advantage (PDF)