People give to people. They give for tax credit. They give because they are inspired.

CFRE approved for 1.25 creditsBut more than anything - they give because they are asked.

When we target donors with an exact number we not only let them know what we need as an organization in terms of support, but we give them an opportunity to expand their current support level in a way that is meaningful and impactful.

Erin Troia, analytics expert and closet data nerd, will walk us step by step through the process of targeting donors for annual giving and provide three different ways to target your donors - if you only have a little bit of data, a medium amount, or a whole bunch.

YOU will walk away from the conversation knowing exactly what you need to do to fully target your list for your next outreach piece.

Additional materials for The Art and Science of Targeting

Download the slides: The Art and Science of Targeting (PDF)

Download the audio: The Art and Science of Targeting (MP3)