They Drive Me Crazy! Bridging the Generational Divide

While the youngest cohort in the workforce is often stereotyped as entitled, lazy and lacking commitment, great rewards can come to organizations and managers who understand what makes Millennials tick and how to get them fully engaged. Both parties need to define their expectations and determine ways to utilize the strengths of one another in order to be successful. By putting all the issues on the TABLE(Technology, Authority, Balancing Work/Life, Loyalty and Entitlement), this session helps both older and younger talent in your organization bridge that generational gap and work together more effectively – and will help you relate better with donors of all ages.

About the presenter: Cara Silletto, MBA

Crescendo Strategies President, Cara Silletto, currently sits in the sweet spot for developing young professionals and explaining their strengths to seasoned workers within your organization. She qualifies as an early Millennial herself, yet she also has more than ten years of professional experience in the non-profit and private sectors. Since receiving her MBA from the University of Louisville’s top-ranked Entrepreneurship program, Cara has taught on a broad range of business topics for executive and employee audiences both locally and internationally. Building on her decade of business observations, Cara is now focused on working with companies to correct their most costly and controllable issues that cause misfires, lost opportunities, and eroded margins – failed communication and teamwork, which are often due to generational gaps!

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