Virtual meetings are a MUST for our nonprofit work right now. Board meetings, staff meetings, and even donorCFRE Credit meetings are happening on platforms like Zoom.

The question is, how effective are your meetings. Are they boring, predictable, complicated, overwhelming or plain annoying? If so, they could be harming your successfully accomplishing your goals.

Marquesa Pettway is a professional speaker and virtual presenter. With 9 years experience as a Zoom Expert, she's mastered virtual meetings and in this session, she helps you master yours too! In this session, she shows you how your nonprofit can leverage Zoom to grow your impact and fundraising. She will show you how to elevate your meetings, grow your influence, and serve the various groups you work with.

You'll leave this session being able to:

  • Inspire and persuade others with the three Must-Haves
  • Use Zoom as the most ideal platform for engaging donors, board, and staff
  • Structure the experience to leverage outcomes

Effective Zoom meetings require more than just hopping on the screen. Join us to find how Zoom can move all your nonprofit's goals forward.

This is not just another zoom training; it’s an experience you can learn from and uplevel how you zoom!

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Download the audio: Zoom Like a Boss with Marquesa Pettway (MP3)