Have you ever looked at other organizations and envied their results - and the attention they were getting? There are a couple of secrets that every successful organization knows that have helped them get there. I’ll let you know what they are here, but if this intrigues you, and if you’d like to know more about how to actually implement these ideas for your organization, please consider joining Sheri Chaney Jones and me in Cincinnati on Thursday July 18th.

The first secret is measurement. You’ve probably heard the old saying that we can expect what we inspect. If we’re not measuring something, it’s just too easy to put it off indefinitely. Pretty soon it’s a year later and we haven’t accomplished what we meant to have as our primary goal – all because we didn’t add a measurable component to the goal.

The second secret is knowing what the big idea is. What’s your big, overarching goal? It’s hard to determine what to measure if we don’t have any agreement on what it is we’re trying to change.And the organizations that are experiencing tremendous growth with fundraising are those that are truly aiming on changing and improving something in a big way.

I’d love to have you join me and Sheri as we dig into these two concepts – and help you put together a plan to help your organization turn these ideas into reality. Visit www.CincinnatiFundraising.org to learn more and to register for this event. There’s an early bird registration rate that is only good through July 11th. Looking forward to seeing you there!