We're honored to have case for support writing expert Jen Love show us exactly how to write a compelling case. In this post, she shares the formula they use! You can learn more about Jen at AgentsofGood.org and follow her on Twitter @agentjenlove

Case for Support Writing Expert Jen Love

You'll LOVE Working on Your Case!

by Jen Love

What if I told you there was a magic spell you could use to take all the anxiety, procrastination and endless meetings out of the development of a case for support?

Shazamm! There is!

Over here at the Agents of Good, we have been working within a brilliant and simple 6-question framework that will help you bring #donorlove and inspiration to your case for support.

6-Questions for Building Your Case for Support

At the heart of every single fundraising story is a case for support. Whether you are working on an urgent appeal or a multi-year capital campaign, you need to be able to answer 6 critical questions:

  1. What’s the problem?
  2. What’s the solution?
  3. Why Now?
  4. Why You? (Why trust the charity?)
  5. Why Me? (How does this meet the donor’s needs?)
  6. What Now? (Call to action)

On my webinar on building a case for support, I break down a variety of case studies using this formula to create unique and effective fundraising campaigns for a variety of organizations from around the world.

Rather than confining you, the six questions set you free to be creative. And make it so your donors know exactly what to do and why they should!

Use these questions today. And go to the training to learn more at https://thenonprofitacademy.com/trainings/donorlove-and-inspiration-in-your-case-for-support/